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Swaralasika Sangeetalaya , founded by Smt. Hema Balasubramanian, a performing artist and teacher, is a premier institute in Mumbai that has been teaching Carnatic music, both Vocal and Flute, for over 20 years. 

A versatile musician who is equally adept at devotional songs as also with advanced Carnatic compositions and Manodharma Sangeetam, Hema  has trained over a hundred  students in Mumbai and has several students across the globe who learn through the internet. Students are trained not only in main stream Carnatic music but are also guided to render thematic presentations such as 'Musical Ramayana', Mahakavi Bharathi and several other unique presentations.

 Hema has been organizing 'Evening Raga', a musical recital for the prestigious Chembur Festival held every year and was awarded the title 'Swar Samrat'. The Chembur Festival  platform offers the scope to showcase the multi-faceted musical skills that students imbibe even  as they learn  Carnatic music. 

Hema also conducts workshops covering Theory of Carnatic Music, Ragam / Swaram Identification etc. 

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